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Sex Sheets

Love to experiment with wet sex play? You need a waterproof sex bedsheet in your life. Often made of PVC or vinyl, sex sheets are suitable for covering a wide range of furnishings. Change things up and throw it over your sofa or floor next time desire is upon you.

Vinyl bed sheets - for hot and wet sex play

A vinyl bed sheet that keep things tidy

Many people think that vinyl bed sheets are only for kinky sex enthusiasts, and even though they are popular in these contexts, they also fit just as well in a completely ordinary bedroom. Vinyl bed sheets come in many different materials, but the thing they all have in common is that they prevent fluids from leaking down into the substrate. This keeps the bed, sofa or the floor dry, even if the sex gets wet and wild. Which it often does.

The human body produces lots of fluids when it's aroused, everything from natural lubrication, sweat or other types of fluids depending on the activity you're engaged in. If you're one of the couples who often start sex with a nice full-body massage, you can safely use massage oil without worrying about the mattress underneath.

Another thing is lubricants. Luckily, these days lubricants are standard equipment in most bedrooms, and there’s no need to worry - you can use as much as you want without fearing that it will get messy in other places than the intentional ones. And last but not least, everyone who has had sex without a condom knows that after ejaculation it can be almost impossible to get out of bed without it dripping here and there. But in all these cases, a vinyl bed sheet will help you relax completely, in terms of both mess and fuss.

Sex sheets are perfect for really wet sex

Today, there are different types of sex sheets, so when you're considering getting one, the first thing you should think about is what you're going to use it for. The material is something you should take into account, and for some people this is more important than for others. Vinyl and latex sheets often have a shiny, glossy surface, which some find incredibly arousing.

However, if you prefer a more matte look, like traditional sheets, you should choose something else. If you have allergies, the material is also important to think about - it's silly to lie down on a latex or rubber sheet if the only thing you're going to achieve is an allergic reaction. Another thing to think about is whether the vinyl bed sheet should have high sides or not, or how high.

If you only need a sheet that protects the mattress from stains, a sheet without sides is more than enough. If you like it to be really wet, with lots of oil, lubricant or similar, one with high sides will be preferable.

How do you clean a sex bedding?

This is actually not a big problem. If it is a sheet without edges, it is often enough to wipe it with a damp cloth. If you have used silicone- or oil-based products, it may be a good idea to use a sex toy cleaner or a mild intimate soap. If there has been a lot of fluid, either body or added, you can easily take it into the shower and rinse it.

Matte sex beddings of polyurethane can often be washed in the washing machine, but remember to read the washing instructions carefully. As you can see, it is no problem to maintain a sex sheet. If you are ready to maximize the possibilities and expression, you can invest in a pillowcase of the same material.

A sex pillow can be a very good supplement to the play, and make it easier to experiment with positions that require, for example, the pelvis to be raised. But a pillow can also get wet, if it does not have a latex cover. Take a look at the wide selection here, choose your favorite, and look forward to wet fun.

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