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Basques & Corsets

Enhance your feminine and hourglass shape in a beautiful boneless basque with built-in bra, in a body-shaping corset to slim your waist, or in a fashionable bustier that can be worn either as a sexy top or as lingerie for a night of seduction.

Sexy corsets for all tastes

The corset through the ages

A sexy corset is a garment that covers the waist and often much of the body. They have been worn for hundreds of years by women and, at times, men as well. It can be traced back to the 15th century. The purpose of a corset has changed over time. Initially, they were made of iron and were used to straighten people's backs and as a bulletproof vest. Subsequently, up until the mid-1800s, a version with laces could be adjusted in or out depending on how tight it needed to be. These were made as an alternative to the expensive iron models but became very popular due to their low price.

Later, there was a French version, which was more stiffened, and the Edwardian model, which was characterized by a more hourglass-shaped figure. Throughout the 20th century, this garment has evolved and is now used by women for a variety of purposes, including flattening the tummy and waistline, as well as more erotic use. Several variations accentuate the figure and breasts, leaving little to the imagination.

What about a corsage?

Not sure what the difference is between the two naughty varieties? A corsage is softer and not as stiffening as a sexy corset. They are also used for a slimmer figure, but it's not quite as tight. It tightens the stomach, but otherwise, it adapts to the body everywhere else.

A sexy corset has so-called stiffeners built into the fabric. Therefore, it fits tighter around the body, stomach, hips, and possibly the breasts. This creates a slim waist and tummy. It's a matter of taste, but many people choose to start with a corsage because of the softer material. It's, therefore, a better choice if you don't like it to be too tight. Many people also use this type for weddings because of the hourglass figure achieved under the dress itself.

Our variants on this page have been selected for their perfect fit and sexy look. Some of the products come with garter belts that fit the model, making for a set that is incredibly sexy.

What size fits me?

Many people are unsure of what size to choose when it comes to these garments. It is important that it fits tightly, which is why we recommend that you measure yourself before ordering your sexy basque. In the description under the products themselves, you can find the size guide. Measure around the bust, under the bust, around the waist and hips and find your size based on the guide. Our cheeky variants come in most sizes and price ranges. We have both cheap versions and some that are a little more expensive. When it comes to this type of lingerie, price and quality often go hand in hand. You typically get higher quality with the more expensive products because of the stitching and the fabric itself.

Whether you choose a sexy basque or a sexy lingerie corsage, you can be sure to feel incredibly sexy. Your curves will show off and will surely arouse your partner so much that you won't be able to keep your hands off each other. Both styles can be worn for all occasions, so whether you're going to a wedding, New Years Eve, or a regular evening at home, it's sure to lead to a naughty experience.

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