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Clitoral Stimulators

Add a whole new dimension to your clitoral orgasms with our exciting selection of fabulous clitoral stimulators. They take your climax to a whole new level with innovative pressure or sound wave technology, which stimulates the clitoris without direct touch.


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Clit Sucker Vibrator - Intense Pleasure

The clit sucker vibrator - a new phenomenon

Maybe you have been following the huge media storm revolving around the clit sucker vibrator over the last couple of years. Not only in England, but all over the world. The attention this sex toy has received is especially due to its incredible and unique technique. Though these little wonders are placed under the same category as normal vibrators, they differ a lot. This is because they stimulate the clitoris by using air pressure or sound waves. This creates a completely different sensation than the one you know from the classical vibrator you may already have in your bedside drawer. 

The secret behind the clit sucker vibrator lies in its technology. The clit only receives indirect stimulation. Since the clitoris is known to be very sensitive, many women find direct vibrations too strong. It can often lead to a numbing feeling around the whole area, making it difficult to orgasm more than once. With this there is no direct contact to the clit, ensuring that it’s not overstimulated and creating the opportunity for multiple orgasms in a row - which definitely isn’t too bad, right?

A German miracle

It all started in a couple's home in Germany. The German inventor, Michael Lenke, had heard that millions of women never experienced orgasms. Together with his wife, Birgitte, he decided to change this. The result was the clitoral stimulator Womanizer, which revolutionised the entire sex toys industry. This was the beginning of a new era, which we most definitely have not seen the end of yet. 

Following this, more brands have come forward with their own example of the genius sex toy. Satisfyer has created affordable and beautiful models, like the Satisfyer Curvy Pro 3+, which has made it possible for everyone to try out the life-changing equipment. The Swedish brand LELO has even developed the technology further with sounds waves. 

If you want the best of both worlds, you can get models that provide both the pressure technology and vibrations at the same time. An example of this comes from the brand Lora Dicarlo. Their model, Lora Dicarlo Osé 2, is ready to take the world by storm. This is a pure example of the best of both worlds, since it is both a clitoral stimulator and a G-spot vibrator. With this new form of stimulation and the many possibilities of clitoral stimulators, there are plenty of opportunities to achieve an array of unforgettable orgasms. 

Clit suction toy: They are here to stay

Why have the new clitoral stimulators become so popular? The biggest reason for this is probably that they deliver orgasm on orgasm on orgasm - exactly how Michael Lenke wanted it to be. With this form of stimulation, there are no risks of overstimulation, increasing the chances of reaching multiple orgasms in a row. Many women experience orgasms within a few seconds the first time they try out a clit sucking sex toy, the wonder tool.

Even though the popular clit suction toy receives plenty of positive feedback, there are a few who believe they are actually too effective. If you are very sensitive, some women think it is too intense. Luckily most of the models come with two different suction heads where one is smaller than the other. If you are more sensitive, you should go with the big head which distributes the sensation over a bigger area. 

If you like the very intense stimulation, the feeling of receiving oral sex and/or deep orgasms, then the clitoral stimulator is definitely for you. 


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