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Womanizer is an innovative brand for women that has taken the world by storm. Their patented Pleasure Air Technology stimulates the clitoris without direct contact, avoiding overstimulation and desensitising. With a Womanizer you are guaranteed an orgasm.

Womanizer - Your new favourite toy

Why choose Womanizer sex toys?

Wow. Just, wow… That's the short version. Read along to get the longer version.

The products from Womanizer provide nothing less than an amazing experience, and it's not without reason that this little sex toy took the world by storm when it was first launched in 2015.

Womanizer was invented by a German couple who developed a new technology called PleasureAir Technology. With this technology, it became possible to stimulate the clitoris without any touch but by air alone. This means that the clitoral stimulator blows air out and sucks air in at an incredibly high speed, so that the clitoris is stimulated by pulsating pressure waves.

This technology allows for amazing stimulation that is incredibly intense yet gentle on the clitoris and does not overstimulate the nerves. The revolutionary toy is still going strong to this day.

How to use the Womanizer

Despite its high-tech and unusual design, a Womanizer vibrator is incredibly simple to use. Simply spread the labia and place the suction head on the clitoris, and it will do the rest of the work for you.

Before you start using the product, it's a good idea to test its capabilities on a finger so you have an idea of how it feels when used correctly. Once the noise from the motor disappears, it is positioned correctly, and your Womanizer now provides a pulsating and sucking effect, allowing you to climax again and again.

Womanizer toys are ideal for solo play, but you can also get a lot out of using it with a partner. Let your partner control the machine and the intensity (if you dare), or use it while being taken from behind for a tantalising sex experience that's sure to give you extra powerful and intense orgasms.

At Sinful, we've gone through all the models and written a guide to the different models of Womanizer to help you decide which model to choose.

What makes the Womanizer so special?

The first on the market was the Womanizer W100. It had an elongated design and didn't look much different from the other sex toys in the bedside drawer. The W100 model was a hit with most people, but some customers reported that the stimulation was too intense for them.

The German brand took the feedback to heart and launched a new and improved version, the Womanizer Pro W500, with eight different intensity levels and a more ergonomic design. Since then, they have added several more products to the collection, and today, their most popular products include the Womanizer Premium 2, Womanizer Liberty and Womanizer Duo 2.

More than just a vibrator

Can you compare the Womanizer vibrator to any other product? The short answer is no. It is unique. Like a clitoral vibrator, it gives you external stimulation of the clitoris, but it is so much more than just a vibrator. Because it's so unique, it has to be experienced first-hand.

We recommend you treat yourself to an extraordinary sex toy. Get yourself a clitoral stimulator today, or poke your partner. Your partner will enjoy the Womanizer as much as you do when he or she sees you rolling around in pure ecstasy.

Get intense orgasms with the Womanizer

Most women find it easiest to reach orgasm when they are stimulated on the clitoris. That's why products like clitoral vibrators and magic wand vibrators are some of the most popular sex toys on the market. However, the downside of these types of products is that they can overstimulate the clitoris if used too often because they stimulate the clitoris relatively strongly.

It is important to maintain the sensitivity of the clitoris so that you are also stimulated by gentle touches from a finger or tongue, for example. So, if you feel that you need a higher and higher intensity to be stimulated, it may be a good idea to take a break from your sex toys, especially those that vibrate.

Use the toys again and again

With the Womanizer, you avoid over-stimulating your clitoris as it does not touch the clitoris directly but "just" stimulates it with air. However, there is nothing "just" about it, because anyone who has tried it knows that it provides the most wonderful stimulation that sends you straight to orgasm heaven.

The Womanizer can be used by all women, and with a product like this, you don't have to worry about taking a break from your sex toy. You can use it as much as you want. And trust us! Once you try the Womanizer, you'll use it again and again and again...

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