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Couple with closed eyes touching faces.Couple with closed eyes touching faces.
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The Perfect Date Night: Lingerie & Toys Edition

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A Scoop of Lingerie with a Sprinkle of Sex Toys

Get your steamy recipe book out and ready - cos this is one you'll want to write down!

Whether you're aiming for romance, embracing your kinky side, craving a cosy connection, or just feeling playful - We've got the perfect formula to make your evening sizzle.

While we firmly believe a killer personality is the secret sauce for a successful date, a sprinkle of seductive lingerie and a cheeky toy is never a bad mix. *wink wink*

So, grab your go-to drink, snuggle up, and brace yourself - We're here to spill the tea on how the right lingerie can turn a good date night into a great one, and with a toy - into an unforgettable one!

The romantic date - Love, lust, and the art of seduction

Red lingerie with a red vibrator and rose petals
The only soundtrack you need is the rhythm of breathless whispers and your synchronized heartbeats

For the perfect romantic setting, consider an intimate candlelit dinner with rose petals and a playlist of slow, timeless love songs - the classics never disappoint.

Invest in your favourite lace lingerie in colours like sensual red or mysterious black, and match it with a cheeky clitoris vibrator that will fit perfectly between you and your partner.

Set the mood with soft, ambient lighting with scented candles and continue your playlist with soulful tunes for a night full of passion.

Our perfect romantic match is a red lace lingerie set with a bullet vibrator and a water-based lube.

The cheeky date - Exploring back-door delights

Black panties with some anal sex toys around
The ultimate bootylicious blend of pleasure and playfulness

Discover how the bum bum toys and crotchless panties work in harmony.

Take things slow, throw on a playlist of seductive tracks, and bring out a beginner-friendly anal exploration kit.

Whether you're navigating the uncharted territory of the tush or you've got an advanced degree in Bootyology, there are a whole lot of options to explore.

With a touch of cheekiness, this intimate adventure can become a sensual exploration, turning your date night into a memorable escapade of pleasure and connection.

For the perfect cheeky date, we recommend a pair of crotchless panties and a beginner-friendly anal kit. And to make the adventure nice and smooth, an anal relaxing spray and anal lube.

The naughty date - With a sexy little secret

bordeaux panties with a vibrator and gel.
The thrill of the forbidden - A naughty chapter of your unforgettable adventure

Introduce a surprise element and spice up your outdoor or indoor adventures with the discreet magic of the panty vibrator. Choose your cheekiest lingerie for the complete look, hand your partner the sneaky remote, and voilà!

Engage in some playful teasing throughout the evening, building anticipation for the steamy finale that awaits.

Whether you choose to enjoy the enticing buzz indoors or take the adventure outdoors, the night is yours to explore your sexy little secret.

For the ultimate naughty date, we recommend crotchless panties paired with a panty vibrator and an orgasmic gel as the cherry on top.

The playful date - A dessert-infused delight for two

Candy underwear with dice and a pink dildo
Playful prints, vibrant colours, or even edible underwear - for a night to remember

For a playful date night, go for lingerie with a side of sass – playful prints, vibrant colours, or even edible underwear! Pair it with equally whimsical, colourful toys. It’s all about keeping the mood light and the energy high.

Challenge each other to a naughty game, and don't be afraid to get a little competitive. But don't forget a small sweet reward for the winner.

Cap off the night with a sweet treat, like sharing a milkshake or a delicious dessert. And who knows? Maybe you'll end up being the dessert...

Our perfect playful combo is a candy bra and g-string mixed with fun dice and a colourful jelly dildo.

The cosy date - Cuddles and climaxes

blue chemise with a wand vibrator and a gel.
Gentle caresses, whispered seductions, and warm cuddles

Unwind with a glass of your preferred wine or a mug of hot cocoa, and let the cosy vibes set the stage for the intimate connection.

Consider playing a sexy board game or turning up the heat on your Netflix & Chill game, cuddling up for a movie marathon of your favourite feel-good films.

And when the time feels right, transition from the comfort of conversation to the intimacy of touch.

For the perfect cosy date, we recommend a soft and beautiful babydoll mixed with a magic wand and an orgasmic gel to transform the night into a toe-curling dream.

The Kinky Date - Fifty shades of spicy

a black corset with sex toys and lube on a red background
Because even vanilla is best served with a side of spice

Kick off the evening with a sultry playlist to set the mood right from the start.

Feeling a bit daring? Experiment with power dynamics, role play, or sensory exploration. Try a blindfolded taste test or experiment with a beginner's bondage kit for a dash of excitement.

Remember that the key is open communication and mutual consent, ensuring that the night's kinky escapades leave all partners thoroughly satisfied and yearning for more.

Think leather, harnesses, or even lace with a hint of edge. It's all about expressing your desires, and what better way than with outfits that scream confidence?

For the perfect kinky date, we recommend a sexy corset, a beginner-friendly bondage set and, of course, some water-based lube for the ultimate steamy night of play.

Want to discover more about your and your partner's kinks?

The flirty date - a night of teasing temptations

a white body stocking with red hearts and a rabbit vibrator
Flirty touches, stolen glances, and cheeky compliments should always be on the menu

Allow the flirty energy of the evening to blossom into a night of intimate delight, and slip into a lacy bodysuit - the perfect balance between flirty and sexy.

As the night flirts to its peak, retreat to a more private setting. Soften the atmosphere with dim lighting and silk sheets, setting the stage for a sensual encounter.

Let a massage oil be the invitation to turn your date into a night of seductive exploration. Add a hint of playfulness with toys like a cheeky rabbit, and let its dual stimulation take the experience to the next level.

For the ideal flirtatious date, we recommend a tantalizing rabbit vibrator, massage oil and a beautiful bodysuit.

A Date to Remember

And there you have it - A whirlwind of date night possibilities, from sweet and romantic to downright kinky.

As you embark on your next date night adventure, whether it's with a long-time love or a new flame, remember the power you hold in your lingerie drawer and toy collection.

So let your imagination run wild, and don't be afraid to try new things on your next date. Put on that new lingerie set and bring your favourite toy too!

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