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Anal Vibrators

If you want to spice up anal stimulation with titillating vibrations, anal vibrators are the way to go. Whether you choose a simple plug adorned with a bullet vibrator or a rimming plug with rotating pearls in the stem, prepare yourself for thrumming pleasure sensations.


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Anal vibrator - Spice up anal stimulation

What is an anal vibrator?

The word “vibrator” is often connected to vaginal sex toys. But there are also versions that are meant for stimulation in and around the anus. These are called anal vibrators. You can use them for both inner and outer stimulation with vibrations of different patterns depending on the model you choose. Many find it very pleasurable to experience the sensation inside the anus, while others are more into an outer stimulation, for example around the male perineum. 

Even though both men and women can enjoy great pleasure from an anal vibrator, it can be especially arousing for men to be stimulated in the sensitive area, the P-spot, also known as the male version of the G-spot. It is actually the prostate, which is a gland no larger than a coin placed near the rectum. It can be stimulated by using a finger or two, but adding the extra sensation from an anal vibrator can make the experience even more intense. You can find models that are specifically designed to hit the prostate, making them perfect for stimulation of this area. 

Vibrator: anal pleasure like no other

Most anal vibrators are shaped like butt plugs, only differing from the normal versions by being able to vibrate. Plugs are some of the most popular products within the category of anal sex toys for both men and women as they are perfect for stimulation of all the sensitive nerve-ends in and around the opening of the anus. If you, your partner or both of you enjoy this type of stimulation, then why not add some extra spice by introducing a vibrating sensation in the mix? An anal vibrator such as a vibrating anal plug can also be a great way of introducing anus play to your sex life in general, as the vibrations can have a relaxing effect on the muscles in the area. When the muscles are more relaxed, it will also be easier to insert the toy and thereby maximise the pleasure. 

But it is not all anal vibrators that are shaped like plugs. You can also find models designed to target the prostate, shaped like a dildo or even balls. Some are powered by batteries and others are rechargeable. The different toys also vary in how they are controlled, such as buttons directly on the product, a remote control or even via an app. With this many options, there is no doubt that you’ll be able to find one that satisfies your needs.

Find the perfect anal vibrating toy

As you can tell by now, you can find a large selection of different types of anal vibrating toys to choose from on our page. It is important that you know what you want when beginning the search for your new best friend. Browse through our category and find the models that fit your needs. You can read a detailed description of each product on their page, if you need more information on its features and capabilities. 

If you plan on using the anal vibrating toy with a partner, it can be useful to discuss your needs and fantasies before choosing your new product. Maybe there are some specific areas you are more interested in exploring together. It is also important to consider how much experience you have. If you are completely new to this world, it may be better to start with a smaller version and build up to something bigger.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service. We are here to help you find the perfect fit for you and ensure that your experience when shopping with us is the best it can be.


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