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Anal Dildos

If butt plugs are already familiar to you and you'd like to experiment with somewhat more filling sensations, try an anal dildo. Choose your favourite from our extensive selection of all shapes, colours, materials and sizes, and prepare for wonderful anal pleasures. Remember lube!


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Anal dildo - incredible anal stimulation

Playing options with a huge anal dildo

A huge anal dildo is a penis-shaped or long sex toy that can be inserted in your anus. Some have a suction cup that can be attached to smooth and hard surfaces. This way, your hands are free to do other things while enjoying the incredible stimulation. Others have a flat foot. These models demand a hand or two to hold them during the fun times. Though you don’t have your hands-free, it does provide you with more control, which ensures that the toy hits all the right spots. 

A huge anal dildo with a flat foot can also be used with a harness for naughty strap-on sex with your partner. No matter what variant you prefer from our assortment, you can be sure to find something that is safe and comfortable to use. All of our models are designed with either a foot or a stopper that prevents it from going too far up when you use it, making it easier for you to relax and enjoy the stimulation. 

Why choose a long anal dildo?

Most people already know about regular dildos that are inserted vaginally. A long anal dildo can be used for more or less the same thing. It’s inserted in the anus and thereby stimulates through penetration. But it can also stimulate you in other ways. There are a lot of nerves in and around the anus that are very sensitive. When you are stimulated anally, it teases all of these nerves, which can create incredibly arousing pleasure. Many even experience that they can reach even deeper orgasms in this way. So even though a long anal dildo can do the same thing as a regular one, it can still introduce you to a new form of stimulation that you may not have experienced before. 

It’s important that you are completely relaxed and comfortable with the situation when using a long anal dildo. Many feel more relaxed when using a relax spray before inserting the sex toy. The spray numbs the area around the anus but doesn’t affect the sensitivity. It’s especially a good idea to use one if you’re a beginner. 

Whether you’re a beginner, practiced or even an expert, it’s always a good idea to use an anal lube. The anus doesn’t produce any lubricating fluids and because it’s very tight, a good and thick anal lube can make it easier and more comfortable to insert the product. 

Silicone or glass anal dildo? We have it all!

Here at Sinful we offer a wide range of different anal dildos. If it’s your first time buying one, it can be difficult to choose from the many incredible variants though. For example, do you want a silicone or glass anal dildo? The silicone version is very flexible, while a glass anal dildo can be used for teasing temperature play. You can find both types of materials in an array of different colours, making it easy for you to find one that is aesthetically pleasing to you. There are also different shapes and sizes, which gives you the chance to find one that fits all of your needs. 

If you’re in doubt about which anal sex toy you need or have any questions about the sizes, then you are always welcome to contact our customer service. We are ready on both phone and email to guide and advise you about which products best fit your needs.


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