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Prostate Sex Toys

Many describe the prostate as the male equivalent of the G-spot, so it comes as no surprise that prostate sex toys can give great pleasure. Choose an anal prostate massager with or without vibration, use copious amounts of anal lube and prepare for fantastic sensations.

Anal prostate massager - introduce more pleasure to your sex life

Anal prostate massager: what is it?

It's exactly what it sounds like. An anal prostate stimulator is a sex toy used to stimulate the prostate. But why would you want to stimulate the prostate and how do you do it? To understand that, we first need to explain what the prostate is and how it works.

The prostate is a gland in the man's body. It's about the size of a walnut and sits around the urethra just in front of the anus. The prostate has an important function in connection with ejaculation, and it’s here that the secretion partially responsible for making sperm cells survive inside the vagina is produced. Because it is so important in connection with human reproduction, it’s perhaps not surprising that the prostate can also provide intense pleasure.

It is often called the male g-spot, or p-spot, and just like its female counterpart, it can produce a completely different type of orgasm, which is why many people like to stimulate the prostate during masturbation and intercourse. And the easiest way to do that is with an anal prostate massager - but remember to lubricate yourself with anal lube before using an anal prostate massager to avoid friction and provide a smoother and more pleasurable experience.

Why buy a prostate massager?

You can stimulate the prostate with one or two fingers if they are long enough. A partner, however, can reach your inner pleasure spot with more ease and therefore provide greater stimulation. Some prefer external stimulation by massaging the perineum, while others prefer internal stimulation by penetrating the anus. Besides fingers and other body parts, you can also use an anal prostate massager to stimulate the prostate both internally and externally for increased pleasure.

Nowadays, there’s an abundance of products to choose from and you can buy a prostate massager perfectly suited to your needs. Large and small, with and without vibrations, in the form of anal dildos and anal plugs, as well as various types of combination toys that stimulate in multiple ways at once. Many choose to only use their finger to stimulate the outside of the prostate when they experiment with this type of stimulation for the first time, and then proceed to insert one finger carefully into the rectum. If this feels pleasurable, then the next natural step for many is to buy a prostate massager to penetrate and stimulate the prostate.

It is actually also possible to use a G-spot dildo or G-spot vibrator for this purpose, but we recommend that you always use a male prostate toy that is designed for anal stimulation. An anal prostate massager, for example, is equipped with a "stopper" that prevents it from disappearing into the body, as the anus has an automatic closing mechanism that holds things in instead of pressing them out. The wide end of this type of anal toy can also stimulate the prostate externally while the inner part stimulates internally.

Use a prostate massager uk together!

But if it's only men or people with male genitalia that have a prostate, why would you use an anal prostate massager together? Is it even possible? Of course it is! As mentioned earlier, in many cases it can be easier for a partner to stimulate the prostate with a prostate massager uk than it is to do it yourself. It can be difficult to reach the prostate with your fingers and it is also nice to be able to relax and just surrender to the pleasure while your partner takes care of the stimulation.

As a partner, it can also be enormously arousing to see the one you love experience intense pleasure in a new and exciting way. Try it for yourself - maybe you'll both be surprised at how satisfying it can be.

If you want to experience more pleasure during sex you can also use anal prostate massagers with built-in cock rings. That way you can combine prostate massage with a harder erection, which will increase the pleasure for both of you as you can enjoy intercourse longer and feel the penetration more intensely. Another possibility is remote-controlled sex toys that allow one partner to discreetly and remotely stimulate the other.

In other words, a prostate massager uk gives you many opportunities to experience more pleasure together, whether you are in the same room or on opposite sides of the planet.

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