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Sex Whips & Riding Crops

A whip can be used for much more than getting animals to do your bidding. It is also ideal for thrilling and kinky sex play with spanking to teach your partner who's boss. Bondage whips can be used for gentle strokes and hard smacks depending on your level of experience.

Sex whips - Perfect for your fetish fantasies

Live out your fantasies with a sex whip or riding crop

No matter who you are, you can gain a lot from using a sex whip. The clever thing about this type of sex toy is that anyone can use it if they want to explore the BDSM universe without it necessarily getting too wild. With a sex whip in your hand, you are in control of the pleasure and strength of each impact, whether your partner prefers little, soft spanks or harder ones that may even leave red marks. You can use the whip anywhere on the body, depending on your or your partner’s preference. 

A sex whip is a perfect accessory if you want to explore dominant/submissive play where one person takes charge and controls how hard and often it should hit the submissive partner. This can create an incredibly intense feeling between you, where all your sexual fantasies are in complete focus. 

Browse through this page to find the perfect sex whip for you, and start living out all your sexual fantasies.

BDSMs whip are for everyone

No matter if you’re completely new to the world of fetish or an experienced fetish practitioner, a BDSM whip is an ideal tool for you. The reason many people call it a BDSM whip is simply that it is often found in such scenarios. But that doesn’t mean you have to do any hardcore fetish play in order to gain pleasure from using the whip. It is simply a question of finding the right techniques for how it works best for you - and especially how your partner prefers to be spanked.

It is possible to use the BDSM whip in several different ways, all depending on what you like. For example, you can use it as a teasing and tickling accessory during foreplay, where the receiver never knows when the actual spank is coming. You can also choose to use the BDSM whip for more hardcore spanking of your partner, where red marks are left visible on the skin as a result of the hits. Just make sure you and your partner are on the same page before beginning and have a safe word that the receiver can use when they wish to stop the spanking. It is a good idea to use a neutral safe word that isn’t used regularly during sex so you don’t create any misunderstandings.

Use a bondage whip for a good time

Introducing a bondage whip to your sex life can always be very beneficial. It can show you a completely new and exciting world with plenty of inspiration for incredible and fun experiences. It can also be a good way to learn more about your own and your partner’s fantasies and limits. You don’t need to own a horse to get your hands on a BDSM riding crop. Many companies make them exclusively for the purpose of keeping your partner in line in the bedroom. Here on this page, you'll find a large assortment of different bondage whips and BDSM riding crops for this exact purpose.

If you want any other types of BDSM accessories, you can also find a large selection of fetish clothing, BDSM masks and various numbing lubes and fisting lubes here at Sinful. Try one of our fetish costumes, or what about some bondage rope for a little quality time of binding? No matter what you are looking for, we are sure you will find something to satisfy your needs right here. 

If you have any questions about our bondage whips or other products, please feel free to contact our customer service. We are more than happy to help you out with anything you need.

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