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Fantasy Dildos

Make your fantasy come true with a fantasy dildo and achieve a different and unforgettable pleasure. On this page you will find dildos out of the ordinary, inviting you to magical and adventurous orgasms.

Explore a mysterious universe with a fantasy dildo

A trip to an imaginary place with a fantasy dildo

If the old sex toys at home have become boring, you have landed on the right page. Here you have the opportunity to explore dragon dildos, monster dildos, unicorn dildos and tentacle dildos. Everything we see in fairy tales has been romanticised, so why not romanticise the mystical aspect in the form of a fantasy dildo? All of the products come in vibrant colours and textures, depending on the theme. The textures are not just for decoration but are there for your pleasure when you ride away on your adventure. 

A fantasy dildo can, like any other dildo, be made of different materials. It is entirely up to what you find most appealing. You will find our fantasy dildos in materials like silicone, glass and even some made of polyurethane. It all comes down to taste, the same goes for shape and colour, and there are plenty of those to choose from.

When we are talking colours, you have a lot of different options for fine details. You can consider if your fantasy dildo should be blue, red, green or multicoloured. Some even glow in the dark. The options are as expansive as your imagination.

Release your inner storyteller

Take some time in fairy tale land, and imagine yourself battling a huge, fire-spitting dragon. Who will win as you struggle for power, and who will finally give in - you or the dragon?  Either way, there are countless adventures for you to explore, so long as you have the right equipment.   

When you are on your quest, you should know that most of our fantasy dildos can be used for vaginal and anal stimulation. You can explore the dildo anally, as long as you make sure that the creature toy has a stopper at the base. After the security check, you can let your imagination loose and continue your fairy tale.

If you are two people and one fantasy dildo, your roleplay will have a whole new meaning. Play with the thought of, who will control the mystical creature toy, and who will be dominated in your epic erotic story. Experiment with different fantasies and explore the many different ways to stimulate each other.

Welcome to the land of orgasms

In most cases, the main focus of fantasy play is that it ends in climax. There are many different ways to achieve an orgasm, and if you are ready to try something new, then jump on the magical feeling of a whimsical orgasm. Here you can play around with the different textures on a fantasy dildo. Some have decorative suction cups that not only add to the realistic tentacle look but also feel amazing during any internal stimulation. The uneven surface of the creature dildo will give you a different, stimulating feeling as you escape into your world of choice. 

Because the beautiful fantasy dildos are for internal stimulation only, there are a lot of advantages to combining the experience with a clitoris stimulator. This will double the enjoyment with blended orgasms and can take you to a whole new world. 

As we enter the monster universe, most of the products you will find on the page are not for beginners. Make sure that the length and width are something you will enjoy. It is luckily pretty easy to find the measurements under our product details, and if you have any questions, our customer care team will be ready to help you out. Now that everything has been covered, I wish you a great adventure. Enjoy your fairytale!

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TickDiscreet delivery and packaging
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