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Double Ended Dildos

Double-ended dildos feature two insertable ends for twice the pleasure. Use a double dildo for kinky solo play, where you are penetrated vaginally and anally at the same time. Or use it with a partner for double the fun and simultaneous stimulation.


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Double-ended dildo, double the pleasure

What can you use a double dildo for?

The term double dildo can be used about many sex toys. One type is a long model with two ends that can be used by two people at once. You can use this double sided dildo together with a partner where both of you are being penetrated at the same time. 

If you don’t want to share the pleasure and want to be penetrated two places at once, we suggest that you use another type, which is a double dildo with that exact purpose. We have a large selection of models where two dildos are placed next to each other. These are only meant for stimulation of the anus and vagina. You can even find dildos with vibrations built in. 

The last type resembles a strap-on, but without the harness. Here the point is to insert the short end in the vagina where the pelvic muscles can hold it in place, while the long end is then used to penetrate a partner. 

Some may think that a double dildo is simply a kinky alternative to a normal dildo, but this is not necessarily the case. Many are turned on by the thought of being stimulated both anally and vaginally simultaneously - which is completely understandable. This is what a double penetration sex toy is here for. 

Silicone double-ended dildo: a naughty experience

One of the most popular types is a silicone double-ended dildo. The material is soft and flexible, making it easy to handle. Flexibility is especially important here because it makes it easier for you and your partner to move around and enjoy the penetration. It can also be an advantage when you are alone, considering not all bodies are built the same. 

With the soft material of a silicone double-ended dildo, it is important to apply a water-based lube. This is because a lube based on silicone can damage your silicone sex toy, making it last less time than it would have otherwise. With that said, it can be beneficial to use anal lube when penetrating the anus. It is often thicker and less fluid than a water-based lube, making it more appropriate for anal stimulation. 

Even if the material is not silicone, you can always apply lube for a better and more comfortable sexual experience. Whatever sex toy you are using, lubricant makes everything better. This ensures you a naughty and fulfilling experience with or without a partner. 

Can you use a double penetration dildo with someone?

Of course! It can actually be a lot easier to use a double penetration dildo with a partner because one person takes charge of the movements while the other can relax and enjoy. This means that you can simply lay back and focus on your own pleasure while your partner is at work. If you choose one of the longer models with two ends or a strap-on version, both of you can achieve pleasure and satisfaction from the incredible double penetration sex toy. They can also be used in an array of different sex positions to benefit both of you. All it takes is some good control of the pelvic muscles, which can easily be achieved by training with kegel balls

If it all feels a bit too advanced, you should go for one of the longer models where each of you has an end. This type of double penetration dildo also allows for you to caress each other during the act. Even though you each have your own end, you are still close to each other, creating a lot of space and opportunity for kissing and touching. 


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