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Willie City

Welcome to Willie City - the town that has it all. You'll meet a wide selection of realistic dildos with a wonderfully soft surface, marked veins and seductive penis heads. Visit long, short, thick, thin, wide or narrow fellows who will all make you think of real-life willies.

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Willie City - A realistic and naughty experience

Naughty and realistic experience

A penis comes in many shapes, sizes and skin tones. That is perfectly illustrated in our large selection of dildos from the popular brand, Willie City. Here you can find both small, big, wide, thin, long and short versions that all look and feel like real penises. 

This means that you can easily find the exact penis you’ve been dreaming of. You know, a dildo that has the right length and shape in order for it to hit the spot no matter what position you prefer. 

Sex toys from Willie City have plenty of realistic details that are part of creating a more lifelike experience when you use them. You will for example discover that all dildos from Willie City have a soft surface with thin and distinct veins, as well as inviting and detailed glans. Several of the models also come with a pair of balls, fulfilling the very realistic experience. 

Willie City realistic dildos for you

With a Willie City realistic dildo, you are guaranteed a true-to-nature experience no matter the colour, shape or size you choose. The entire selection is produced in great materials to ensure it not only looks real, but feels real. If you’re into a lifelike look and enjoy the feeling of being with a real man, then this is where you should find your new dildo for the bedside drawer. 

The broad range of Willie City realistic dildos in different sizes, shapes and colours are part of illustrating how diverse real penises are. Some are long and straight while others are short and more curvy. There is a huge difference in the appearance, and it’s exactly this diversity that the brand wants to embrace and celebrate by offering plenty of options in their selection. 

Even though the brand aims to embrace the diversity among penises, there is one similarity that all of their products share. They are all created with the goal of giving you a true to nature experience where you can enjoy the feeling of pleasuring yourself with a real penis. 

Willie City dildos for both solo play and partner fun

The realistic Willie City dildos definitely invite you to a round of naughty solo play. This is especially because of the suction cup at the bottom that many of the models are equipped with. This allows you to attach your toy to any smooth and firm surface, such as a bathroom tile, giving you the opportunity to enjoy hours of hands-free fun - in exactly the places you want to be. 

Even though the many Willie City dildos invite to solo play in the shower and other places, you can of course also use it with a partner. The suction cup is great for hands-free fun on your own, but that is not the only thing it’s good for. The foot where the suction cup is placed can also be used with a harness, which is ideal if you and your partner share some hot fantasies involving naughty strap-on play

There are plenty of options to get a naughty and seductive night, either alone or with a partner, when you pick out one of our Willie City dildos. Add a bit of lube and enjoy!


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