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Fleshjack dildos and masturbators are designed specifically for men. Many of the products owe their shape to some of the hottest male porn stars in the world. Fleshjack products are made of Real Feel Super Skin, which feels amazingly lifelike.

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Fleshjack - Fun and exciting male sex toys

What is a Fleshjack?

You probably already know about the world renowned Fleshlight. But have you ever heard about Fleshjack? Now, you may be wondering, “what is a Fleshjack?”. It’s pretty simple actually. It is a series of dildos and masturbators that are generally made for homosexual males, unlike Fleshlight which is targeted for the heterosexual male market. 

Instead of shaping the inner sleeve of the masturbator in the form of a vagina, these sleeves are molded after the anus of a male porn star. The handle of the toy is shaped like a flashlight making it easy to grab on to and control in whatever direction and speed you prefer. The inner details allow for a tantalising and intense experience that works as a perfect substitute for the real thing.

Besides the masturbators, you can also find an array of different dildos from the brand. These can be used both vaginally and anally, though they are mostly targeted for anal use. They come in all different shapes and sizes, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit. We offer a large collection of Fleshjack products here on this site. Have a look and find your new favourite sex toy

Fleshjack UK - Find your favourite

You can find a wide range of products from Fleshjack UK right here on our website. This gives you the opportunity to find the perfect match for your needs. 

One of the interesting features of our Fleshjack UK products is that they are each designed in collaboration with different famous porn stars. This includes amazing stars such as Brent Corrigan, Milan Christopher King and Boomer Banks Sonic. The anus openings of the masturbator sleeves are molded after their real anus, and the dildos after their penis. This gives you the opportunity to get closer than ever to your favourite porn star. Put on one of their videos while using your Fleshjack, and enjoy the sensation of being with the man of your dreams. 

All the products are made of Real Feel Super Skin material, which makes the sensation of using them even more lifelike and incredible. Add a bit of lube before use to achieve the best experience. We have no doubts that you will never return to your hand after trying one of these bad boys. 

Use it with or without a partner

Though our Fleshjack products may seem as if they are only to be used for masturbation sessions, they can be much more than that. Of course, they are a great solution for fun times on your own, but you can also use them with a partner. There is nothing better than teasing your partner with a sex toy, and watching them get more and more turned on as you go. This means that no one misses out when you enjoy Fleshjack together - no matter if it is you or your partner being pleasured with the adult toy. This is an incredible way to spice things up in the bedroom if you are looking for new and exciting experiences. Whether you use it before, during or after sex, Fleshjack can make a difference and take the seance to a whole new level. 

If you have any questions regarding our product selection, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service. They are always ready to answer any questions you may have or help you find the right fit. 


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