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The popular Autoblow is one of the most talked about male masturbators on the market. It was originally created as a crowdfunding project with the aim of producing the most lifelike blowjob masturbator ever seen. Just connect it to mains power and enjoy realistic blowjobs.

Autoblow - Realistic and lifelike blowjobs

The story behind Autoblow

Who doesn’t love a good blowjob? In all honesty, us humans love to enjoy things without having to work too much for it. At least according to American Brian Sloan. He is the man behind the revolutionary blowjob machine Autoblow 2. He had an incredible idea for making a masturbator that could simulate a real blowjob, but unfortunately he did not have the resources for it. So he did what many other people in his shoes have done before him: he crowdfunded the project. And with a machine that holds the key to unlimited blowjobs, it was sure to gain some attention from interested investors and become a success. 

Autoblow was not only crowdfunded by men, but also shaped by them (metaphorically speaking). During the process of financing the project, the investors also had many input for the machine. Because of this, it was gradually adjusted throughout the process until it hit the market in 2014. 

The goal was to collect around 50,000 dollars during the crowdfunding time period, but the demand for the product became bigger than Brian could have ever imagined. This resulted in it collecting 530% more than anticipated, which adds up to 315,000 dollars. Since 2014, the demand for the product still has not decreased, and today it continues to be one of the most popular masturbation products for men.

How does the Autoblow sex toy work?

If you have yet to be acquainted with the Autoblow sex toy, then you may be wondering why so many people were willing to throw money at a simple machine. The answer is of course, that it is not just a simple machine. It may be easy to use, but the technology behind it has been under development for 6 years. If we get down to the basics, it has an inner rubber sleeve and rows of pearls that moves up and down along the shaft of the penis and thereby simulates the feeling of a real blowjob. 

In 2015, Brian Sloan introduced the Autoblow 2+. The new and upgraded version had a stronger engine, an extra row of pearls, and was 33% tighter than the original model. With the new model, the stimulation and authentic feeling of a real blowjob became even better. If you still haven’t tried it, you should definitely give it a try. You don’t just receive an extra teasing masturbation session, but also all the blowjobs you could ever dream of. And who would ever say no to that?

Autoblow UK: everyone needs it

Autoblow UK is obviously a perfect choice if you’re single, because you know… unlimited blowjobs and all. But it’s also a good companion if you travel a lot. It has a clever lid that makes it easy to fit into your bag and bring it along for a weekend or a business trip. If you’re in a relationship, no worries, you can still find plenty of use for the Autoblow. Whenever your partner needs a little break, you can just whip out the miracle machine. It never gets sore or tired, meaning you can use it as much as you like. 

If you have tried out masturbators before, you know that not one fits all. Luckily, this is not the case with the Autoblow. The inner sleeve comes in three different sizes, meaning that no matter the length or the width of your penis, you can achieve stimulation from top till bottom.

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