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Flutschi is Orion's iconic lubricant line for any occasion. The lubes feature a velvety texture for a wonderful and durable glide. Choose from water-based or hybrid variants, or try the massage oil for a truly slippery experience. All Flutschi products are made in Germany.

Flutschi - Wonderful and durable

This is why you should use Flutschi lube

Flutschi lube has a great effect and does not dry out immediately, which is of great benefit when you use it during sex or with sex toys. It is a huge advantage that the product has such an incredible lasting effect because that allows you to concentrate 100% on the pleasure without having to stop and reapply constantly. 

A good lube is the most underestimated aid in the erotic world. Everything becomes much more comfortable and soothing with a bit of extra liquid - especially if you’re exploring anal play. The anal opening does not provide a lot of natural liquids itself in the same way that the vagina does. In order to make it a comfortable experience, you need to add a very good glide for the purpose. Whether it is for masturbation or intercourse, a good Flutschi lube can be an incredible aid to take the experience to a new and much more satisfying level. 

There are also people who do not produce a lot of natural liquids themselves, making it very important to find another way to make things slide easily - which is nothing to be ashamed about. When there are brands, like Flutschi, who take this seriously, you get the chance to enjoy an amazing sex- or masturbation experience without any issues or uncomfortable situations.

Many years of experience

Flutschi is a recognised German brand that has been on the market for more than 15 years. With that many years’ worth of experience, they have had plenty of time to develop and become an important player in the market. Because they have been present for so many years, they have also gained important experience and knowledge about lube. This can be seen clearly in the quality of their products that are popular all over the world. Many years of testing has led to a perfect and thoroughly tested recipe. This makes it easy to trust that any product you get from Flutschi will provide you with the promised effects, whether you need it for use with sex toys, intercourse with a partner, vaginal stimulation or anal stimulation. 

Their products are water-soluble and free from oils and fat, so you should never worry about getting it on your sheets. This means you can go as wild and be as messy with the lube as you want, making it possible to enjoy the experience to the fullest with no other worries or thoughts on your mind.

Flutschi UK: Many different variants

When you need a lube, it’s important that you choose the right variant for your purpose. Flutschi UK offers a large selection of different variants in their assortment that fulfils an array of different needs. You can find the selection right here on this page. Each product comes with a detailed description, making it easy for you to find the exact version you need. 

One of the more popular variants is the anal lube from Flutschi, which is specifically developed for anal sex or stimulation. It is a hybrid between a silicone lube and water-based lube and has a consistency that is both thick and soft. Many prefer a type like this for anal stimulation in order to attain as much pleasure as possible when playing. 

Another popular variant is the original version that can be used with both sex toys and during sex as well as in contact with any type of condom. If you are a bit sensitive downstairs, you can choose the medical version which is water-based and dermatologically tested. It has a nice and thick consistency and is free of oils and other ingredients that can irritate the skin. Browse through the page and find your favourite Flutschi lube today.

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Discreet delivery and packaging
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