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Award-winning Pipedream is one of the leading sex toy manufacturers in the US. The brand's catalogue is truly extensive, so whether you're looking for dildos, vibrators, sex dolls, masturbators, or any other type of sex toys, you're sure to find it here.

Pipedream toys - From the world’s largest producer

Pipedream toys - The American dream of a sex toy empire

Since the early days in 1973, Pipedream has had one mission: to offer their customers amazing products at great prices. The products they were talking about in 1973 are not exactly the same as the ones the company is known for today. Pipedream actually started out selling accessories for pipes, hence the name.

Maybe the company's dreams would have gone up in smoke if they had remained in that industry, but fortunately they switched to producing sex toys, where they really broke through. Pipedream toys has its feet firmly planted on American soil, more specifically in Chatsworth in California, which is known by many as "Porn Valley". This is where many Pipedream toys are developed and produced.

In fact, they produce so many products that after 40 years in the business they can call themselves the largest manufacturer of sex toys in the world. The American dream, which started in 1973, is no longer a dream, but a reality, and there is no doubt that we will be hearing more from the leading sex toy manufacturer in the years to come.

Pipedream sex toys are for everyone and to everyone

The company sells over 2500 different types of Pipedream sex toys to over 140 countries around the world. In 2005, the American manufacturer launched the Fetish Fantasy sub-series, making it one of the first in the world to launch a series of BDSM toys to a wider audience. The manufacturer also has other sub-series that cover everything from strap-ons, glass dildos and anal toys to electro-sex toys, so there is plenty to choose from.

Whether you are male or female, single or in a relationship, homosexual or heterosexual, there’s a Pipedream sex toy for you that will definitely improve the quality of your sex life. They have, among other things, a wealth of pocket pussies, sex dolls like Bianca, Kitty and Dude, and there is a masturbator for every taste. Or how about a vibrator? If you are a woman and you want to give your partner something special, Pipedream also has a stripper pole in their range.

However, if you are a man and you would like to please your partner (or yourself), the brand has a wide range of penis pumps that give you a fuller erection and increase the pleasure for both of you during intercourse. In Pipedream's sex toys range you will find everything you need.

Pipedream extreme toys: Award-winning and high quality

Now one might be tempted to think that Pipedream means that quantity is more important than quality, but that is not the case. The American manufacturer wants to have a wide range of different products, so that they can be sure that there is something for everyone, no matter what you like. But they also want to please their customers with sex toys of high quality, which the customers can use again and again for many years.

At their factory and laboratory, they continue to develop, investigate and experiment with different materials. At the same time, they have a skilled team of designers and engineers who ensure that the design as well as the functionality of the products is in order. And it has yielded results. Over the years, the brand has won a number of awards and tests, among other things for their Pipedream Extreme toys.

We at Sinful are proud to be a dealer of Pipedream. Like the popular brand, we believe that quality, design and functionality should be top-notch. Because the higher the quality of your sex toy is, the better the sex experience will be. With a sex toy from Pipedream UK, or either one of their Pipedream Extreme toys, you are sure to get one of the best masturbation or sex experiences you've ever had.

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