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OhMiBod offers fabulous high-quality sex toys and innovative designs. All OhMiBod products are made of body-safe materials and many of them have a music feature that allows vibration to the beat of your music, which is a truly fantastic experience.

OhMiBod - Innovative sex toys

OhMiBod vibrator - The first of its kind

Christmas 2004 was a special time for the American couple Suki and Brian Dunham. Brian gifted Suki two of her biggest wishes: an iPod and a vibrator. The sight of these two items together sparked an idea in her. Would it be possible to combine a vibrator with an iPod to create a completely new and unique experience? Luckily, the time from thought to action was short, and so the OhMiBod vibrator was born. Suki and Brian started the small company together with a mission to create opportunities for stimulation, intimacy and naughty play amongst couples. 

To this day, OhMiBod has achieved plenty of success and offers a large selection of products in their assortment. Similar for all products is that you can feel the passion and love Suki and Brian share, not only for their work but also for each other. Whether you have a partner or not, these products can contribute to a better, more fun, and more experimenting sex life. All toys are made of only the best materials with close attention to detail, both regarding the design and technology.

OhMiBod sex toys are perfect for couples

It’s not a coincidence that the brand name OhMiBod is so close to the English phrase “Oh My God”, because oh my, do these products have a lot to offer. Brian and Suki have come a long way since their first app- or a remote-controlled vibrator. With a remote- or app-controlled vibrator, you can hand over full control of your pleasure to your partner. If you want to spice things up even more, you can even use one of the wireless clitoral vibrators out in public for a discreet but extra teasing experience. 

After the success of their couple’s vibrators, the OhMiBod sex toys assortment broadened. They offer both penis rings, vibrators and kegel balls, which are some of the products with the most awards on the market. They have both won prizes for their innovative designs as well as their new technology. Brian and Suki have worked on improving their app, OhMiBod Remote App, ever since they started the company. This has been a success, and today the app is one of the best and most useful in relation to sex toys

Find your favourite vibration or make your own

With the OhMiBod Remote App, you receive endless fun and exciting opportunities. In the Rhythm programme, you can choose one of the preset vibration patterns, which is created based on a lot of testing by the team behind the brand. You can also choose to make your own personal vibration patterns in the Touch programme, or record a sweet and personal message in the Voice programme where the sound waves are converted to vibrations. They have thought about everything and one thing is definitely sure, Brian and Suki are not done developing new and exciting products that can create even more pleasure. 

Their common love is a great inspiration to many sex toys producers. When you observe their products, it’s easy to see that sex toys are considered a shared experience that can give pleasure to anyone using them. 

If you have any questions regarding our selection of OhMiBod sex toys, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service. We are here to help you and make sure you  get the best possible experience when shopping at Sinful.

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TickDiscreet delivery and packaging
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