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Cloneboy is a fun do-it-yourself kit, with which you can make a detailed copy of your penis. It's a great gag gift for a bachelor party, or a joint project with your partner, where the end result is a high-quality sex toy you can use together or when you're apart.

Cloneboy - The perfect present for your partner

Gift a Cloneboy dildo

Do you wish you could clone your own penis? Or are your partner’s intimate parts so good-looking that there should be more than just one of them in this world? In that case, a Cloneboy dildo is just the thing for you. The brand creates moulding kits of high quality, making it possible for you to perpetuate your own or your partner’s penis in the shape of a dildo. The clone can be both a naughty and fun present for your partner, fitting any type of occasion.

A Cloneboy kit contains a moulding form, two packages of moulding powder, hardener, silicone, a penis ring, plastic gloves, and a guide. All of the materials are safe for the skin, so you don’t have to worry about anything when using it. Always remember to follow the instructions when you begin the process, if you want a smooth and successful experience. You may be a bit nervous the first time you attempt to make a Cloneboy dildo, which can lead to a few mistakes here and there. Because of this, there are always two packages of moulding powder in one kit, giving you a second chance to get it right.

Cloning your penis is easy and fun

Even though it is easier to make a Cloneboy with the help of a partner, it is certainly also possible to do it on your own. Before you insert your penis into the moulding liquid, make sure you’re freshly shaved down there so your hairs don’t get stuck. Alternatively, you can put a thick layer of vaseline on your penis to cover your hairs. You also need to warm up your penis before starting to ensure you get a nice and erect Cloneboy dildo. Use the included penis ring to keep your penis erect throughout the whole process.

When you mix the powder with water remember to follow the instructions in the guide. After this has been done, you can insert your penis in the form and pour over the liquid. The liquid hardens quite fast, so you need to be efficient. When it has hardened completely, you can pull out your penis.

Next step is to make the actual Cloneboy dildo. Here you need to mix up the silicone with the hardener until you have an even liquid mass. You pour the mass into the new form and when it is completely set, you can carefully extract it from the mould.

Buy your Cloneboy kit at Sinful

You can choose between a large selection of Cloneboy kits, each providing you with individual and unique results. You can find sets in different colours, depending on your preferences. There are also options with advanced functions, such as vibrating dildos or suction cup dildos. With a suction cup you can use the product anywhere without any help from your hands. Cloneboy even cones in a version with a harness for strap-on play. With this many options to choose from, it is only your imagination that sets the limits.

You can also buy extra powder and silicone, if you want to make even more copies of your own penis. The more copies you make, the more advanced you’ll become. If you do still need some guidance, you can always take a look at the instructions one more time. If you have any questions about this product or any other toys from our webpage, feel free to contact our customer service. We are ready to help you out with anything, ensuring you the best possible experience when shopping at Sinful.

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Discreet delivery and packaging
Free shipping on orders over £55
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