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Njoy makes some of the most beautiful and stylish sex toys in the entire industry. The shiny, heavy dildos and plugs are made of medical grade stainless steel, and if you take good care of them, they'll last you a lifetime. Use silicone lube with these beauties for perfect glide.

Njoy - Long-lasting sex toys made of medical-grade steel

Njoy and the philosophy of pure fun

Njoy was founded by American Greg DeLong and Chris Clement in 2005. These two guys dreamed of creating a brand based on the philosophy of pure fun, which directly translated means pure motherhood. This mantra is of course a statement with a double meaning, and it is from this clever double meaning that the two founders have managed to create sex toys that are at the absolute most exclusive and stylish end of the scale of erotic accessories and toys.

Njoy’s mission is actually not that different from many other sex toy manufacturers who create toys for bodily and sexual pleasure. The products obviously invite you to explore and play with the body's erogenous zones in a completely new way. And it is here, Greg DeLong and Chris Clements' products differ from so many others. They have specialized in developing toys for adults with a particular focus on materials and ergonomic and stylish designs.

In fact, Njoy's expression is so 'clean', elegant and handcrafted superior that one could easily be fooled into thinking that all the products from their collection actually belong in an expensive interior store or at a well-visited art exhibition. And that is not something many sex toy manufacturers can do!

Njoy sex toy with sensory-design

Njoy sex toys are made from the finest 316 grade heat-resistant stainless steel, which is polished and finished so well that it is reflective. And yes, there are cheaper steels out there. But Njoy's ambitious founders are only interested in one thing; creating the best of the best. Their unique choice of material means that you get a toy with a sophisticated finish. But expensive steel also means that your new toy is incredibly durable, can withstand high temperatures and cold, is not porous, does not rust or bend over time.

When you invest in one of Njoy sex toys, you can have it for life. That must be said to be a unique selling point. When you invest in Njoy, you will not be disappointed. The soft curves of the toy and the heavy weight of the material provide a special dimension, especially for anal use. Stainless steel is very body-friendly because it is the same steel that surgeons use. It does not cause allergies and is very easy to clean. The non-porous material also makes it possible to disinfect the toy, which also makes it possible to share it with a partner.

For both the G-spot and the P-spot

Are you and your partner looking for deluxe sex toys that will raise the temperature in the bedroom? You should definitely explore Njoy's range, which you will find here at Sinful. One of the recommended products is the amazing unisex Njoy Pure Wand stimulator, which is a simple and aesthetic steel dildo specially designed to massage and stimulate her G-spot, or to tease and stimulate his P-spot.

If you would rather have unisex pleasure products with a twist, take a look at the Fun Wand dildo staff. The Fun Wand is designed so that there is room to give her oral sex while stimulating the vagina internally. And if he really wants explosive orgasms, he should use it anally on himself as well. Alternatively, you can get Njoy's award-winning anal plug, which will definitely give pleasure to both of you.

Kink up the experience and experiment with the products by cooling down the dildo or plug in the fridge (not the freezer!), Or heating up the toy to the desired temperature (in a bowl of hot water, NOT on the stove), and experience how the senses are sharpened and teased in new, wonderful ways.

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