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Velve luxury sex toys have sensual curves and a velvety surface. Velve is designed in Scandinavia and manufactured in collaboration with leading sexologists and experts. Treat yourself or a loved one with sophisticated sex toys with a modern twist.

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Velve - Exlusive and beautiful sex toys

Soft shapes and incredible touch

Scandinavian Velve is an exclusive brand that produces sex toys made to take women’s pleasure to new heights. This is a brand where the look and execution of each product is well-thought out down to every little detail. This ensures that you as a customer always receive an exclusive and luxurious experience every time you use any of the sensual models that can be found on this site. 

The different products from Velve are all shaped in soft curves that fit perfectly to the many aspects of a woman's body. Because of this, they create an optimal stimulation of the thousands of nerves that can be found around the vaginal area. Furthermore, the silky smooth surface of all the sex toys are part of creating an incredibly exclusive experience as soon as they touch the skin. They are all developed in materials that are safe to use around the body’s most intimate areas and are created to pleasure you with the most teasing and sensational feeling. 

Velve luxury sex toys with beautiful packaging

One thing that there’s been placed great emphasis on when developing Velve luxury sex toys, is the packaging of the different models. They aren’t just packaged in the cheapest and easiest boxes to collect. No, this brand has thought through everything, down to the smallest detail, in order to give you the most satisfying experience possible - and this also includes the packaging. They want to create a specific feeling of pleasure, as soon as you receive the box and hold the product in your hands. 

All boxes for Velve luxury sex toys are produced in an exclusive design that is part of creating a full-on luxury experience from the moment you receive the goods. The thought is that the packaging should create the right “swoop” feeling, as soon as it’s opened - comparable to when you open the box to your new iPhone. This is also a part of creating an extra dimension to the exclusivity that will undoubtedly increase your heart rate and give you higher expectations for the product. 

Velve vibrators with heat functions and pulsating vibrations

Whenever you buy Velve vibrators, or other products from the brand, you can be sure that the idea behind each piece is well-thought out with the goal of providing optimal pleasure in the best possible way. They have thought about how the vibrations need to feel against the skin. This has resulted in them finding the most optimal pulsating vibration that is supposed to have you in ecstasy within no time. 

Besides that, some Velve vibrators come with a heat function that can make the experience even more tantalising and unforgettable. That means that it’s the end of being stimulated by icecold sex toys. Instead you can enjoy the sensation of a warm stimulation together with the silky smooth surface of the product that will make you beg for more every time you use it. No matter which toys from Velve’s exclusive collection you end up choosing, you are guaranteed a luxury product, where every little detail has been cared for in order to supply you with the most satisfying sexual experience possible.

You can choose between both clitoral vibrators, G-spot vibrators, rabbit vibrators, vibrating eggs and even vibrating cock rings. Find you favourite among Sinful's large selection today!


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